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Based on the experience and feedback of more than 700 AID EliSpot users all over the globe we have once more improved the successful AID EliSpot software and are proud to present Version 7.0 of this user-friendly software. Changes are mainly made in data handling, fulfilling the need of our customers to enhance working with their data generated by the reader, especially in long-term studies. In addition Version 7 contains a module enabling for fluorescent multiple-color counting (FluoroSpot) when using an AID iSpot system or higher. All systems are running under Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) but can still be used under a Win XP environment.

Explore the future in EliSpot technology and analyse your FluoroSpot assays with the AID iSpot product line!!!


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Version 7.0 seamlessly integrates three different tasks. No additional software packages are needed:

Hardware handling

  • stage calibration and control
  • camera calibration, focusing and control
  • switching between colorimetric and fluorescent mode (iSpot only)
  • barcode reader control (optionally)

Image analysis

  • assay-specific settings, multiple color settings
  • Scanning, counting and analysing EliSpot wells in one operation
  • High-resolution spot recognition

Data management

  • countAID, the fastest way to find accurate count settings
  • print plate overview, well view and selected wells
  • user management
  • export to Excel, PowerPoint, LIMS, .txt-files, dbs-files, Add-on software
  • add external data with the layout compiler
  • generate results with the integrated rule compiler
  • images saved as bitmap, .tiff or .jpg
  • Quality control
  • audit trail and plate history
  • re-analyze saved plates as often as needed




Software updates

AID usually offers one major update of the AID EliSpot Software per year. Keep in touch to see how you can profit from software updates!

AID EliSpot Evaluation System

The AID EliSpot Evaluation System serves to store, re-analyze, present and print data acquired on an AID EliSpot Reader System. Data transfer is usually accomplished by the users through networking connections, by USB Disks or DVD. The evaluation system is configured to run an AID EliSpot Reader Unit if this is purchased later.

The AID EliSpot Evaluation System includes:

  • Computer/Control Unit: High-end PC with newest high-performance INTEL processor, DVD Writer, networking card),
  • 21,5" 16:9 TFT Screen,
  • printer, cable set, keyboard and mouse.

The system is pre-installed with

  • MS Windows 7 Operating System (32/64 bit),
  • MS Office 2010,
  • AID EliSpot 7.0 Software.


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