AID iSpot FluoroSpot Reader System


AID iSpot FluoroSpot Reader System



One of the most successful EliSpot/FluoroSpot  Reader developments in recent years. The AID iSpot system for the first time allows analysing both: enzymatic and fluorescent (FluoroSpot) based EliSpot assays. The AID iSpot Reader comprises the same outstanding functionality, such as layout-generator, rule-compiler, various export possibilites etc., as the AID EliSpot Reader Classic System.
Beside all of the popular functions of our CE marked , 21CFR Part 11 compliant  EliSpot Classic Reader, the iSpot Reader simultaneously allows for 2 or even 3-colour FluoroSpot analysis. A simple “two-click switch” between fluorescent and enzymatic mode, without the need of hardware changes, is enough to come from one mode to the other.
Since 2006 when the first machine was launched, more than 150 labs are already working  with this hybrid EliSpot/FluoroSpot Reader

Features of the AID iSpot FluoroSpot Reader System

  • EliSpot and FluoroSpot interpretation
  • LED Ring Illumination, 3&1 filter wheel
  • narrow band fluorescent filters (FITC and Cy3), a third filter one on demand
  • Digital Firewire Camera, 1600x1200 pix, Color
  • Optimized for 2- and 3-colour analysis
  • Software-driven camera-focus
  • Speed:<6 min for an two-color FluoroSpot plate, < 2 min for an EliSpot plate
  • Controlled by a high-end PC-system, incl. TFT screen, DVD burner, printer and external storage media
  • 140mA @ 110 V 100mA @ 240V

Software Features


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