AID EliSpot Reader Classic


AID EliSpot Reader System




The classic AID EliSpot reader type. Fast, efficient and user-friendly, the most successful EliSpot reader development in the EliSpot market.  By the end of 2011 more than 450 researchers all across the continent are using this paricular device.
Interprets any type of Elispot plate, including all brands of membrane type plates, ELISA-style plates and low volume plates. Software and hardware are fully compliant with 21CFRpart11, GMP/GLP and CE.
The classic AID EliSpot Reader simultaneously takes images, autocenters the well and counts according to the user’s settings. Data acquisition is fully automatic. Counting results can be exported to txt, dbase, Excel, PowerPoint, LIMS, AIDiagnostics or EliStat. Processing time including saving and data export is less than 2 minutes per plate. The system is extremely compact with a footprint of only 42 cm.

Features of the AID EliSpot System Classic

  • Extremly fast firewire connected digital  camera
  • Custom made optics
  • QuadPack 3-axis precision ballbearing stage, impact-protected
  • LED Ring Illumination
  • Speed: ~2 min from insertion of plate to printed end-result
  • Controlled by a high-end PC-system
  • Comes with TFT screen, DVD burner, printer and external storage media
  • 90 mA @ 240 V/ 120 mA @ 110 V

Software Features


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